Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Statement on some Urgent affairs

The 20th plenary meeting of central committee is held from 11th to 12th April 2012. Two separate documents- organizational report and party strengthening and rectification resolution produced by General Secretary is unanimously passed by the meeting. The meeting has decided as under with the objective of making the party strong, disciplined, militant and the real proletarian fore runner. 

(I) Party Organization strengthening and rectification campaign is decided to be launched initiating it from meeting. 

(II) N. P. Kafley (Prahar) the Ex-polit-bureau member of our party being demoted to regional bureau member by 18th CC meeting three year back is expelled from his portfolio and his ordinary membership. The party has taken this action for it is proved that Mr. Kafley has been indulged in anti-social activities and fabricated seriously against the party policy and Nationality withstanding designed private relationship with national and foreign intelligence network fraudulently been covert even within the party. He is expelled from the party as per article 39 of the existing statute of our party. In the same way, Nabin Prabhat, one of the central committee members of our party is expelled from his portfolio withstanding on only his ordinary membership as per the same article of the party statute.

(III) The meeting has determined clear policy further more on the ongoing resettlement and local integration of Bhutanese refugee in the host country. The refutation programs carried out by the party defining the resettlement and integration as the reactionary conspiracy illmotively aim that suppressing the just movements of Bhutanese masses including repatriation movement of refugees minimum parliamentarian democratic movement and the communist movement is approved by the meeting. Political decision is taken to do away with the membership of the party members opting resettlement and local integration said to be imposed in the days to come.

(IV) Resolution is passed that the party shall participate in the ongoing debate on the latest series of events in the International communist movement with new position.
 Respected masses, we take our privilege to declare our party's conception that the Bhutanese masses must be allowed to take their pride and to ensure their independent role and mass order in any forms of movement- be them armed or peaceful movements. We appeal the masses, parties, organizations and the all the related aspects to be conscious on time on the probable danger in national indivisibility and nationality as result of the ongoing or probable chauvinist, caste, race or ethnic based separatist activities gestured by the foreign power centers and any alien elements.   

-Let's build up Party of New style for the preparation of class war!
 Raise up hammer-sickle against all forms of liquidationism!!
-Stop - Imperialist intervention in Refugee issue!!!
-Down with - Feudalism, Expansionism and Imperialism!!!!
-Long Live - Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
-Long Live - Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM)
-Long Live - Our Unity in Internationalist Communist Movement.

                                                   Acting General Secretary
                                                         Central Committee
                                              Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM)

This is a covertly distributed pamphlet on 6th June 2012.