Monday, June 4, 2012


Workers of All Countries, Unite!

"The State Power emerges from the barrel of the gun" - Com. Mao Tsetung.

Respected exploited masses,

The age old Wangchuck family monarchy has continued its fascist feudalistic regime despite of incessant voice raised by the people for the democratic change. The Tashichochodzong palace has accumulated the assets exploiting the oppressed masses only for its family's luxury and not for the progress, development and prosperity of Bhutanese people. The oppressed masses in class, national, regional, religious and cultural multiplicity have contributed a lot in building up of the nation and its infrastructures.  The masses have built up the basis and superstructure but the family autocratic regime has concentrated all most all the assets and the capital with in the palace and thus, the masses are being poor and backward socio-economically, culturally and politically. The series of events have proved that Wangchuck family is the only cause of retardation in development and progress.

Being incorporated the feudalistic policy of 'Divide and rule' the fascist regime has sustained its existence creating havoc and split among the democratic forces and masses. The ruin monarchy being criticized world wide has eventually given the window dressing of what is called 'Democratization' via the dramatic reactionary election. It's obvious that the royal democratization is only the hypocritical fabrication imposed to continue feudalistic despotism and to captivate the exploited masses in the dungeon of medieval darkness. The oppressed masses have raised the voice for several times seeking for the democratic change in the state power. Nevertheless, the fascist Wangchuck regime suppressed the demands of change branding people extremists, anti-national and so on. Suppression of the peaceful demonstration in 1990, the mass eviction then after, the anti people census prior to the demonstration and the so-called democratization imposed dramatically these days are some major examples that prove that the mere peaceful movement is not enough to overthrow despotism. The civil rights and fundamental human rights along with the sovereignty vested in the hand of people can only be achieved by capturing forcefully the state power and not merely seeking for such in a peaceful manner.

Thus, at this juncture our great and glorious party CPB (MLM) is much more serious in the final preparation of violent revolution via people's war in favour of Bhutan and Bhutanese masses in national, regional, religious, linguistic, cultural and class multiplicity. The party appeals the exploited Bhutanese people to unite in favour of great and historical people's war irrespective of class, nationality, culture, religion and color.

Dear Merchants, Traders, Industrialists and all professionals.

CPB (MLM) is the only party to safeguard and to guarantee the professional rights of every exploited professional. Party is well aware of the fact that the Wangchuck monarchy has been exploiting severely the exploited masses from proletariates to the national bourgeoisie only has been representing the comprador and bureaucratic class. This in turn has caused retardation in building up of the national capital. The proletariates, petty bourgeoisie, middle class capitalists and national capitalists are always fallen prey to the discrimination, prejudices, exploitation and suppression imposed by the monarchy.

The emancipation of every exploited mass is possible only by overthrowing the monarchy and then by capturing the state power from the firm hold of comprador and bureaucratic class. For the emancipation of the exploited classes our party has got the comprehensive vision to restructure the state mechanism thereby building up an inclusive democratic republican Bhutan. The goal can be achieved only through bloody revolution i.e. people's war. Thus, we appeal all the exploited professionals and class to support the just revolution launched by our party.

Dear brothers and sisters serving in Army, body guard and Police forces

To take up arms is the demand of time and the people. We are compelled to take arms against Wangchuck regime in favour of oppressed people occupying more than 95% of the total population of Bhutan. Whereas the Royal Bhutan Army, Royal Bhutan Bodyguard, Royal Bhutan Police are organized only to safeguard the interest of mere 5% of comprador and bureaucratic class. The Wangchuck regime is deliberately misleading the military and police forces against the interest of the people. Although, it is obvious that the people's voice raised several times in the history are suppressed by the fascist jackboot of royal military forces, our party has got a wider concept that the Armies, Bodyguard and Policemen are not the enemies of people but the state power misleading them is the No. 1 enemy of Bhutan and Bhutanese people. Standing on this point we have determined that the target of our action is only the reactionary state mechanism and the different bodies representing comprador and bureaucratic classes.

Thus, we appeal our fellow citizens serving in Army, Guard and Police forces to support the just revolution led by our party so as to avoid any misfortune of encounter with our fighting squads. We request for your revolt against the state power and serve the glorious revolution for the emancipation of 95% oppressed masses.

Red Salute!

Long live - CPB (MLM)!
Long live - Marxist-Leninist-Maoist!
Down with - Monarchy!
Down with - Imperialist, expansionism and feudalism!
Long live - The just armed class struggle of the oppressed masses!
Long live- The proletarian internationalism!
Long live - Our Unity in the World Communist Movement!

Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
Central Committee

 This is a pamphlet distributed covertly in 2008.