Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The New Communist Wave: An Urgent Necessity

The communist revolution is the only prime rose path to emancipate the mankind transforming it to the classless and stateless society i.e. communism. Communism is the only alternative to the existing exploitation based class society. Today's revolution is and should be guided by the most scientific world outlook Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Karl Marx and F. Engels published the communist manifesto in 1848 AD. This encouraged and stimulated the working peoples' struggle the world across. Furthermore, Marx formulated the dialectical and historical materialism as the most scientific principle of social revolution. Having got the directive of Marxism the then working class of Paris, France overthrew the bourgeoisie state power and established the first ever proletariat state power i.e. Paris Commune in 1871 AD. The commune became an example of revolutionary society. It did all possible to put an end to all forms of exploitation from the society. Unlike almost all other changes and reforms, the commune emancipated the working masses from the bourgeoisie chains of exploitation and suppression in reality. Despite of being ephemeral with its very short life span of seventy-two days, the commune had on one hand refuted all forms of fake changes and reforms and had started the far reaching 'communist wave' on the other hand. This is what we communists quote as the first wave of internationalist communist movement.

Communist movement is an international process. Generally it is more internationalist than nationalist. Despite of the collapse of Paris Commune the communist wave could not be subdued, rather it was raised to the newer height. The communist party led valorous armed insurrection in Russia resulted in the success of the October socialist revolution thereby establishing proletarian dictatorship (state power) in 1917 AD. This proved the practicality of Marxism. Being stimulated by the October revolution the communist wave intensified. Great Lenin not only led the October revolution and socialist construction of Russia but also directed the world revolution towards the great forward leap. Along with the success of Russian revolution the imperialist day dream to loot the world via the World War I became a house of card. The proletariats of other oppressed countries started following the revolutionary path directed by the October revolution. World War II furthermore went in vain on the part of imperialists along with the success of protracted peoples' war in China in 1949 AD. The success of Chinese revolution intensified the internationalist wave of communist movement. The proletariats of a number of countries of East Europe, West Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America followed the path of revolution.

Besides, a counter pole i.e. socialist camp was established to fight imperialism and all forms of reaction. Scientific socialism thus emerged as an alternative to the cannibal capitalist-imperialist system. The exploited masses including the working class exercise their rights and freedom full fledged in the countries of socialist camp. The gap between the workers and the masters and among different classes and strata of people was made narrow. One sixth of the globe in total was liberated from the yoke of capitalism, imperialism and all forms of reaction. Nevertheless, irony on the part of revolution is that the aforementioned first communist wave could not be sustained, developed and transformed into world wide communism rather it came to an end. Bourgeoisie and imperialist infiltration and mistakes, shortcomings and limitations within the communist parties and states resulted in the world wide counter revolution one after another. Counter revolution mainly in Russia and China and the collapsed of socialist camp has been a matter of great suffering on the exploited masses of the world. Imperialists have announced 'the end of communism' and 'the end of the history'

Despite of the world wide counter revolution and imperialist repressive policy against communist movement, communism has not come to an end as claimed by imperialists. The contradictions within every capitalist society and within imperialist world system are becoming deeper and deeper. Generally the contradiction between the production relation and the force of production in every society is creating economic and ideological crisis in the society in such a way that revolution is becoming more and more essential. Contradiction between labour and capital and especially between imperialism and oppressed people and their countries is becoming sharper and sharper every year.

The imperialist world system has been creating a vehement scale of products just in pursuit of profit through inhuman exploitation of the broad masses of the world. In doing so, this system is producing large, broad and world wide force of production, products etc which are being out of question to be handled by the narrow bourgeoisie and imperialist relation. The production relation based on privatization and corporate system is solely controversial with the existing globalized force of production. Due to the availability of cheap raw materials in the backward and comparatively backward countries the imperialists are compelled to hover around the world looking for maximum profit. The multi national company is exercising this sort of world wide mode of production which indeed is not in favour of capitalist world order rather it is creating apparatus and mechanism likely to be setup for the construction of communism. Great teachers viz; Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao had forecasted that the bourgeoisie would dig its own gravesites by creating the apparatus and mechanism enough to run communist society. This excellent forecast is being a matter of reality along with ever increasing economic and ideological crisis in the imperialist order. The economic depression emerged since the very beginning of the 21st century is engulfing the imperialist world. Unemployment, impoverishment and mass fury is becoming more common even in the imperialist countries. The mass fury - may it be the spontaneous occupy 'Wall street' demonstration in New York or demonstrations and agitations in different cities of the UK, Australia and France etc are the real symptoms of the mass discontent even within the imperialist countries. The different classes and strata of masses of the world are slowly realizing that the capitalist-imperialist system is not only impoverishing and looting the masses of the world but also unable to resolve the problems of the masses and the ongoing crisis. Furthermore, they are realizing that the imperialists are not only looting and suppressing the backward countries and their masses but also looting and suppressing the masses of the imperialist countries. The oppressed classes from working class to especially middle class masses of the imperialist countries are becoming more and more conscious. They are realizing that the corporate capitalist-imperial system is the major cause of unemployment and impoverishment of the broad masses.

Besides, imperialism is attempting to compensate the deficit by imposing unjust war upon the oppressed nations and people. Nevertheless, the deficit and economic crisis is becoming more chronic as result of every war. American imperialism is even overthrowing its own agents in the oppressed countries forcibly via war. This is one of the examples of the ideological crisis of bourgeoisie and imperialism. The imperialist war hysteria and the US sponsored internal sabotages have terrorized the entire middle east. The US imperialism is applying the policy of either infiltrate, create havoc or impose direct unjust war. The anti despotic mass sentiment of different countries and especially of the Middle East diverted and misused by the imperialism.

Despite of imperialist global hegemony, the communist movement is also in existence. The Maoist parties of a number of countries have been making several attempts to defend, sustain and develop class struggle and peoples' war. In the latest period of time Maoist parties are emerged even in the imperialist countries like France, Canada etc. In general communist movement is becoming a challenge to the capitalist-imperialist world system once again. Although the world revolution is in defensive, it has radiant future provided that the common internationalist endeavor and initiative is taken thoroughly. What we lack is a strong, active, functional and vibrant international communist platform and a new style initiative individually by every communist (Maoist) party in the respective countries. The absence of such an authentic and actional center is felt as one of the major problems of the international communist movement. We have seen that the middle east series of events, anti corporate demonstration in the imperialist countries and the problems of the communist movement and class struggles of different countries including that of South Asia are not seriously addressed and steered in the latest period of time. It would have been better if the Maoists could have taken the initiative to interfere politically in the middle east, South Asia and the anti corporate issues in the imperialist countries in a joint and centralized manner.

The aforementioned crises in the imperialist order and the problems of international communist movement are demanding a new communist wave. The vacuum created in the international communist movement soon after the end of the first communist wave has been existing for long. Now, it is the time to fill the vacuum by creating the second wave of communist movement. Let the backward, retarded and immature revolution like that of Bhutan, Bangladesh, Philippines etc get a proper guide, moral, ideological, practical international fraternal solidarity, support and a real proletarian internationalist center to steer the revolution. Let the revolutions which have already advanced to some extend become more advanced and responsible to fulfill their internationalist duty.

To conclude, the contradictions within the bourgeoisie and imperialist world system have been chronic deadly diseases to kill the system itself. The mechanism and apparatus built up by the imperialist are contradictory to capitalism and imperialism rather they are matching with the world scientific communism. As a result, mass fury has become common world wide. This is the symptom of the end of the capitalism and imperialism. Nevertheless, despite of being ruined the world system does not come to an end without a bold blow of revolution. Conscious initiative should be taken by the revolutionaries to create a new (second) wave of internationalist communist movement. This wave only can overthrow the capitalist-imperialist system and thus emancipate the mankind by transforming the world into communism. Thus, the second wave of internationalist proletarian revolution is today's urgent necessity. For this, initiating, advancing and completing revolution in different individual countries and building up of an international center for steering the world revolution are equally essential.

Acting GS