Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reporting from CPB (MLM), Presented in the 5th Conference of CCOMPOSA


On the occasion of this South Asian Conference of CCOMPOSA, we would like to report in the nutshell, the sentiment of essence of inner struggle and class struggle carried out by our party. In doing so our attempt is to refute both exaggeration and devaluation that has been prevailing from the very beginning.

The debate between different representative tendencies in our party started just after its foundation in 7th Nov. 2001. Flashback from here, our founding central office led by Com. Vikalpa has been incessantly exaggerating the subjective and objective situation. Party was declared on 22nd April 2003 with so many exaggerated propagandas creating there by an imbalance in propaganda and strength accumulation. Com. Vikalpa unnecessarily exaggerated the synthesis of fusion of protracted Peoples' War and armed struggle put forward by our fraternal party of Nepal, quoting it to be the "age long synthesis of our party" in an appeal published while declaring party. By the way, it is not only that the credit of the synthesis goes not to our party but to the fraternal party of Nepal but the synthesis indeed has been an issue of study and investigation in relativity to Bhutan. In totality, founding leadership in practice gave up the essence of party organization and grasped only the form of it. Revolutionary comrades of founding body criticized the then deviations but leading tendency that fought against Vikalpa's headquarters was fallen prey to some shortcomings and to some extent to anarchism in inner struggle. Besides, party faced an impediment in ideological synthesis. These all in turn resulted in a historical retardation. Com. Vikranta is missing since 2004, who always opposed Vikalpa's tendency in the party. The first National Conference held in 2006 resolved organizational impediments and thus party works were accelerated.

Nevertheless, working style of leadership was not transformed. Especially the so called first planning of Peoples' War imposed by Com. Vikalpa resulted in an intensive inner struggle. The planning has given up the peculiarities of Bhutan and Bhutanese revolution and especially the essence of the stage of the initiation of Peoples' War in Bhutan. Besides, it is wholly copied from that of Nepal regardless of place and time factors. We sought to do away with the planning for the main tactics expressed there was an explicit expression of Vikalpa's mechanical approach to the problem of war and revolution. Instead of correcting his dogmatic ideas Com. Vikalpa counter criticized and idealized his shortcomings and faults. He urged that only the universal aspects have been adopted from the first planning of Nepalese Peoples' War. But this feeble logic could not and can not conceal the fact that the imposed planning is wholly copied from that of Nepal and the main tactics is mechanically imitated by him. We then, thoroughly criticized dogmato-revisionist line producing a written proposal on military tactics. Instead of handling the inner struggle in healthy manner, Com. Vikalpa erupted violently against the revolutionaries thereby producing a counter proposal. We warned that it would be an eclectic and an adventurist attempt to imitate the revolution from other countries blindly and that would result in the liquidation after all.

Com. Vikalpa counter attacked quoting our proposal on military tactics as 'the main source of the problem'. He applied conspiracy theory and disregarded norms, values and laws of inner struggle. He even exercised factionalism trying to form petty nose-based clique. He also launched a non cooperation campaign deliberately to cause hindrances in team mobilization and thus to declare field commanders failed. Vikalpa's headquarters became not only useless in commanding, monitoring (he never monitored the fields) and coordinating the teams mobilized in Bhutan but also became hostile and non-cooperating. Thus, it was the need of the circumstance to mobilize, coordinate and to monitor cadre men and working fields in our own creative approach rather than expecting the impossible from the then GS.

In between, Com. Sagar produced a proposal. He refuted Com. Vikalpa's urge, demanded to do away with the dogmatic line and to establish a proletarian headquarters. Com. Nabin Prabhat also produced a written proposal thereby demanding for the resignation of Com. Vikalpa from the post of GS. We also demanded for the forum circulation and a comprehensive extended meeting. But instead of hearing and addressing such democratic demands he suppressed such voices.

In 14th CC meeting he proposed to take action to demote the then field commanders Com. Sagar and Com. Vikram. He declared the demotion of Com. Sagar to district committee member as well as his transfer and Com. Vikram not to remain his ordinary membership even though the aforesaid comrades were not in the meeting but in the fields along with two other CCMs. Besides, five of the then CCMs wrote a note of descent on the arbitrary action. Com. Vikalpa also declared a mission to encircle and capture Com. Sagar and Com. Vikram some how using long range fire arms. Meanwhile, a fake party viz; CPB (Maoist) happened to be declared threatening to take physical action to the aforesaid field commanders quoting thereby our major contradictions with Vikalpa as their reason to justify their attempts. At this juncture, we were compelled to form an authentic, eager and responsible parallel leadership. Thus, keeping the record of limitations, shortcomings and faults of ours too in the history, our party divided into two formally on 20th Dec. 2007. After the split we concluded that subjective aspect is not ready enough to wage Peoples' War at present and then declared a tactics of armed class struggle. We initiated it from western command interfering the then reactionary poll. But in contrary, Com. Vikalpa declared the initiation of Peoples' War with two boomerang blasts thereby killing Com. Srijan (Chitiz) and seriously injuring Com. Nikash (Khandu). We warned just then that such left sectarian adventurism would lead certainly to liquidation.

In February 2008 we too faced a reactionary encirclement and arrest of our eleven militants and a number of civilians, while Vikalpa's 'mission to drag the teams back to Nepal' was developed into the mysterious relationship with an Indian intelligence sponsored clique viz; United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan (URFB). Latest, our party is also facing the challenge of liquidationism. This right-wing deviation now has been the main impediment in the path of Bhutanese revolution.

Till date, Vikalpa urges that aforesaid resolution on military tactics put forward by Com. Vikram is the main source of the problems of party and revolution. In contrary, we have incessantly been advocating that the wholly copied planning and the dogmatic party line of Vikalpa itself is the source of all sorts of problems of party and revolution. We don't turn down the possible unity with Com. Vikalpa and other comrades but the unity will be conditional. There are so many possibilities in defending, applying and developing MLM in Bhutanese revolution. We can go ahead jointly but the dogmatic ideas should be corrected, liquidation should be discouraged and all forms of reformism should be opposed. Besides, application of conspiracy theory, practice of all forms of Zionism (racism and communal thoughts) in inner struggle and irresponsibility in cases like where abouts of Com. Vikranta, should be criticize and self criticized thoroughly and then should be responsible towards finding the facts. We are also ready to criticize ourselves in some cases like the hasty declaration of party revolt and so on. Intensive debate furthermore, will uncover so many limitations, faults and shortcomings of both the parties. Therefore, with no any compromise in ideology and principle, we are incessantly looking forward to resurgence the organization and revolution in Bhutan. Due to the unequal development, the possibility of Peoples' War initiation from any possible area always remains objectively.

With Revolutionary Salute!

Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
Central Committee

This document is presented on behalf of erstwhile Birat led CPB(MLM) at 5th Conference of CCOMPOSA held from 16th to 18th Feb. 2011.