Sunday, November 9, 2014

Statement on the thirteenth Party anniversary

Seventh November every year simultaneously is the October revolution day in the international context and anniversary of the establishment of our party, Communist Party Of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) in our national context. By the way, seventh November this year i.e. today is ninety-seventh October revolution day and thirteenth Party anniversary at a time. On the auspicious occasion of the anniversary of the party the central headquarters extends deepest revolutionary regards to our exploited and oppressed masses of people, well wishers and the party members who are still standing for the cause. Likewise, on the auspicious occasion of the ninety-sixth October revolution day our party extends warmest greetings to the world oppressed masses and the fraternity circle. Furthermore, the party headquarters publicizes our stance on the latest development in the circumstance as under:

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Royal Poll: Continued Vulgar Male dance Inside an Exclusion Zone

The fake democratization of Bhutan has spent its first five years phase. The royal regime having been able to cheat and subdue the mass aspiration has completed the second ‘periodic poll’. The glimpse of the poll campaign already manifested the continuation of royal fascism in the name of democracy. It was witnessed that the candidates were kept in tow by the monarchy and the pro-monarchy ‘election commission’. The wave of interaction carried out by the candidates among the masses reflected nothing other than Drukpa kagyukpa ruling caste chauvinism. The Nepali speaking candidates in the southern districts are compelled to present their commitments in Dzongkha. Interestingly, Kuensel, the reactionary mouth piece reports that some of the candidates could not even read out their Commitments and others faced difficulties. The masses assembled to listening to what the candidates would deliver could not understand the speeches. The Tsangla speaking people in the east too faced similar problem. Despite of being imposed exclusively Dzongkha is neither accepted nor adopted by the masses in multiplicity. People traveled from far and got nothing after they heard irritating cacophony and lethargic murmur in Dzongkha. The commitment speeches became sedative to the oppressed masses. Question arises here; how can the sleeping masses identify and choose their candidates? How can they examine the essence of the ‘democracy’? In fact the masses of many nationalities like Nepali speaking nationals and Tsangla only heard the speeches, could not listen.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Statement on the twelfth anniversary of the party

Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) has spent its twelve years. Seventh November this year is the twelfth anniversary of the party. We feel pride to extend our revolutionary greetings on this glorious occasion and on the occasion of ninety-sixth October revolution day at a time. Unfortunately the party-revolution is in a serious set back owing to a number of objective and subjective circumstances. The socio-cultural, geo- political, some practical physical and geographical complications along with the February defeat and the shameful intervention of imperialist-host country nexus in the refugee issue are the major objective reasons behind the setback. In the same way the problem of leadership and specifically lack of a practically unanimous revolutionary nucleus in the central leading body and the problem of correct action line are the main subjective reasons behind this setback.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Statement on international May Day- 2013

Mayday in the form of international worker’s day awakes every year the working class the world across. This great and glorious day has a long history. First May 1886 is the founding stone when oppressed and down trodden industrial workers initiated the renowned 8 hours working day movement in America. The sensational demonstration was finally suppressed by killing the commoners and leaders on 3rd May 1886.
Despite of this repressive action the mass consciousness among the oppressed working people flourished in different countries. The second   communist   international   headed   by   Frederic   Engles addressed the convulsion and fluctuation of the very movement. The international on 20th July 1889 decided that the first may every year would be observed as the international worker’s day from first may 1890 onwards. This tradition of observing mayday is being more and more significant every year. It has been contributing a lot in raising the cultural height and political consciousness among the workers and other oppressed masses.
      Today one hundred and twenty forth international mayday is being observed world wide. We the Bhutanese are observing it with the irony of bearing the yoke of feudalism on our neck. This year this glorious day has come just at the threshold of reactionary royal poll. The feudal monarchy in the guise of royal ‘democracy’ is being more and more exclusive despite of what it declares as ‘democratization’. On the nationality and cultural question, the royal ‘democracy’ has excluded the identity of almost all the oppressed races, castes, ethnic groups, cultural and linguistic communities and nationalities. Similarly, on the class question, it has excluded all the oppressed classes from the working class to national bourgeoisie. In both nationality/cultural and class question, the fake democracy is merely upholding the interest of comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie. As a result the pattern of governance and its result includes merely the participation of the liberal and diehard sections of the royal palace. This proves the absence of inclusiveness in the so called democracy.
          As like the political system the national labor market policy is very narrow. The local people are excluded and their employment opportunities are replaced by the Indian workers. This is mostly common in construction sector. The rise of the modern working class is limited in this and other ways. Unemployed, disguised unemployed and seasonally employed are increasing day by day. Exploitation of the labor force of children, women and men in the industries of Tashi and Singye has seriously disregarded the government’s commitments on the very issues in the international table. Besides, educated unemployed are rapidly increasing resulting in massive frustration and brain drain. Most of the Nepali speaking educated citizens are being devaluated. They are not provided with any employment facilities. The NOC system is being incessantly a barrier for their employment.  Country’s defense and security mechanism is made completely exclusive by stopping recruitments from the Nepali speaking community and by expelling the personnel and militants arbitrarily. Furthermore, there is no valuation and encouragement of the peasants’ work. The agro-based products are restricted from being supplied to the proper markets because of constitutionally legalized black laws and policies like NOC (no objection certificate), route permit, red card etc. The latest ‘kasho’ (royal decree) issued by the king is nothing but the continuation of populist attempt of monarchy to fool the peasants. Unless the aforesaid black laws, constitution, governance pattern and the state mechanism is not radically changed; there is no any meaning of such ‘kasho’. The country site economy is yet a combination of tribal and semi- feudal relations. In the same way the urban areas are of name sake for there is Indian monopolistic comprador and bureaucratic relationship. These all have resulted in the dependent economic development and backwardness of the country.
The so called democracy has neither introduced any change and reform in the despotic laws nor has reviewed the country’s foreign relationship. That is why the tragic, backward and down trodden life style of the masses is as it is in relativity to the passage of time. Therefore, the royal democracy is not the democracy indeed. It is the continued feudal despotism in the guise of democracy. The real inclusive democracy always comes along with the radical change. It is essential to uproot the existing despotic regime in the democratic guise and to establish on its ruins a new inclusive democracy for the emancipation of broad masses including workers, peasants and different strata of oppressed bourgeoisie. Such a new democracy also means absence of monarchy and independence from the yoke of foreign and especially Indian expansionist hegemony. On the auspicious occasion of this 124th international Mayday, we call for the unity of all the exploited classes, nationalities and cultural and linguistic communities under the red and radiant flag of our party. Our party upholds the peoples’ war strategy based on the workers-peasants unity. Come, let’s observe this auspicious workers’ day realizing the essentiality to take up arms for our emancipation. Comrade Mao quoted, “state power emerges from the barrel of the gun.” The inclusive democracy as mentioned above is also a political system that emerges from the barrel of the gun (out of bloodshed). As there is incessant unilateral reactionary bloodshed against the exploited masses, the peoples’ war strategy is the only measure for measure. Thus, we call for the mass attention for the preparation of protracted peoples’ war. Wake up, get up and join hands for the preparation to take up arms!

Long Live-     International workers movement
Hail-               The international workers’ day
Long Live-     Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
Long Live-     proletarian revolution
Long Live-     Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM)
Long Live-     Unity among the oppressed masses
Long Live-     Our Unity in the internationalist Communist  
Down with-    Monarchy in the guise of democracy
Boy cut-         Royal fascist exclusive poll
Abort-             fake democracy
Down with-    Feudalism, Expansionism and imperialism
Down with-    National capitulationist state power
Stop-               Expansionist Sikkimization plot
                                                Act. General Secretary
                                     Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Statement on the 11th Anniversary of the Party

Respected masses,

Our Party has come across several ups and downs of about twelve years. 7th November, the  95th  October revolution day, this year is the11th anniversary of the establishment of our party. On this auspicious occasion, we extend our revolutionary salute and proletarian greetings to our patriot masses.

Besides, it has become more and more the matter to be worried that the fate of Bhutan is being entrapped by the foreign intervention. As Bhutan is a semi-feudal and semi-colonial country, the question of revolution in Bhutan is certainly the question of national independence. Furthermore, Indian intervention is being intensified. Indian expansionism has already infiltrated its agents among the Bhutanese commoners and political groups. The expansionist catalysts are being deployed both in overt and covert forms. Some Bhutanese individuals and groups are following the destructive Lendup Dorji path rendering their service to the Sikkimization plot put forward by Indian expansionism. For them it seems that democracy comes along with loss of sovereignty and territorial integrity. Whereas, for us, democracy comes along with the national independence. Some Indian 'activists' have started hatching conspiracy in the name of advocating  in favor of repatriation of Bhutanese refugees and rescue of Hinduism in Southern Bhutan. They indeed are Indian spies pretending to pressurize the government of India in favor of Bhutan and Bhutanese people. With their honey tongue, the heart of gall, these Indian agents in the form of human right activists are determined to hypnotize the southern Bhutanese politically so as to encroach at least six southern districts of Bhutan. As they have ridiculously passed the resolution that problems of Bhutan is the repressive policy of Bhutan upon Hinduism, they have shut their eyes to the class question, the  principal problem along with other nationality questions like that of Ningmapas (Tshanglas).  Reading their assessments, what becomes as clear as crystal is nothing but Indian expansionism is playing another decisive trick to fragment the Bhutanese masses and to disintegrate Bhutan. Previously the monarchy of Bhutan was made an Indian tool to evict the southern Bhutanese. Now, along with the passage of time India is attempting to hit the monarchy with the southern Bhutanese tool. Thus, the time has come for both the masses and the rulers of Bhutan to realize that Bhutan is not yet an independent country. The latest plot of Indian is not only designed to cheat the Bhutanese masses but also to put an end to the remaining authority of the Wangchuck family in Bhutan. Symptoms are being seen that the Wangchuck regime being gestured by the Indian expansionism for years is sooner or later going to be overthrown by the Indian effort. If it befalls to be so, there will not occur any positive change in favor of Bhutan and Bhutanese people. Rather, Bhutan should suffer loss of sovereignty and territorial integrity. Irony is that neither the national capitulationist monarchy of Bhutan is realizing this fact nor the political groups are being conscious and militant. At this critical juncture, we need to be consciously united and militant to rescue the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bhutan. We call for the preparation of resistance movement against the probable Indian intervention in sovereignty and territorial integrity. We too suggest the true patriots to check the Indian infiltration in our movements.

                                                                                                     Acting GS
                                                                                                   CPB (MLM)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Stop Resettlement, Turn down Local integration

     -By: Vikram

It is obvious that the Bhutanese refugees in Nepal sought for repatriation to their home stead for years. Several attempts were made longing for unconditional repatriation. It was during 1996-97 that an appeal movement marching towards Bhutan via India's soil was ruthlessly suppressed by the Indian military jackboot there by  mercilessly killing a layman demonstrator viz; Baburam Syangden and injuring hundreds of Bhutanese refugee commoners and representatives. The refugees furthermore, incessantly fought demanding repatriation with dignity and honor. In 2007 long march aimed at entering Bhutan via India's soil was interrupted by Indian 'security force' in Mechi Bridge at Indo-Nepal boarder in the east. The West Bengal administration killed a revolutionary student viz; Shahabahadur Siwa and charged batons, fired bullets and pushed bayonet into the feeble refugees at random. Similarly, two innocent students viz; Narapati Dhungyel and Purnabahadur Tamang were shot dead and hundreds of patriots were injured, arrested and tortured by the Nepalese army-police nexus in Beldangi camp. This series of events eventually led to suppression of the repatriation movement as the fear of persecution and torture terrorized the refugee commoners bitterly. The Beldangi incident was a shameful interruption of Jhapa administration and the then government of Nepal against the general sentiment of the refugees of the very period of time. Obviously being aimed at stopping the refugees joining the long march in Mechi Bridge, the Jhapa administration manifested the fascist and inhuman essence of the Nepalese democratic republic.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Resettlement : Durable solution or protracted crisis?

It is four years of resettlement program brought and imposed by the nexus of world reactionaries and imperialism in the name of resolving refugee imbroglio on humanitarian ground, which is being pernicious snare on the necks of refugees. Actually, in this article I want to workout a question, what is resettlement program? This is a general question arose among the Bhutanese refugee masses.