Sunday, June 3, 2012

Down With Royal 'Democratization'!

It is obvious that the despotic unitary centralized monarchy of Bhutan having continued the national capitulationist and repressive regime since a hundred years back during the latest course of time has plotted a false and an illusive drama of so called 'democratization'. This is done only with the ill motive to continue its ruined family autocratic rule. Similarly, if we look at the history of Bhutan generally ever since the rise if the Drukpa Kagyukpa Mahayana Buddhist Chauvinism represented by the monarchy and mainly from the late 1940s to this date, we can find so many facts of inhuman suppression of peoples' upheavals that have been raised time and again by means of vicious circle of ruthless killings, loot, rape, arsoning, torture, mass eviction and all forms of state terrorism, thereby captivating the country and the masses in the 16th century (Medieval) darkness. In this context, the so called ongoing 'exercise of democratization' which is deliberately and illmotively discarding and vacillating the leader party of the democratic movement of 1990, different party-organizations in exile, the change and justice seeking exiled masses and even the party like 'BPUP' a newly formed party representing the national bourgeoisie, cannot be considered as justifiable in any sense. The peoples' traitor monarchy that evicted the masses in 1990s via discriminatory amendment of citizenship act in 1985 and an anti people census in 1988, now again has replicated its depopulation policy initiating the another phase of eviction process as above 80 thousands citizens are made deprived of their right to adult franchise via another anti people census in 2007. The monarchy in fact is only giving window dressing of 'democracy' to the masses and to the external world so as to prolong its life span.

The royal constitution has legitimated the so called 'Drig-Lam-Namza' - a back law based on traditionalist conservative 'discipline' of the ruling nationality and the policy of 'Tsa Wa Sum', meaning three elements viz country, king and government which compulsorily are to be eulogized and idealized unnecessarily. The feudal nationalist and communal policy of 'one nation one people' and 'one nation one vision' is also made legal through the constitution. Furthermore, it is obvious that the royal democratization is nearly legalization of a hundred years old lawless system as it has continued the despotic back laws like route permit, CO (Certificate of Origin), NOC (No Objection Certificate) etc legalizing them through the constitution. The royal constitution is thus, only a documentation of such. The Wangchuck family autocratic regime now has been successful in imposing fake democracy via dramatic election forcefully by arresting, terrorizing and captivating innocent citizens into dungeon thereby suppressing and avoiding any voice of protest. Besides, the national and international reactionaries have intensified suppression and conspiracy even in the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal so as to guarantee the longer existence of the despotic feudalism in Bhutan by disintegrating, dispersing and vacillating the refugees - the most organized, conscious and militant section of Bhutanese masses comparatively. The reactionary forces in this context seem to be conscious on the reality that they can impose exploitation and oppression upon Bhutan and Bhutanese masses only if the radical change is avoided in Bhutan. It is for the aforementioned reason that American imperialism, world imperialism and Nepalese ruling class - a bastard of imperialism in favor of despotic feudalism in Bhutan are jointly practicing a double standard oppression, particularly psychological war of terror and temptation on one hand and ruthless military suppression on other hand so as to impel the refugees fall prey to the back market human trafficking in the pretext of third country resettlement. In doing so, they are clapping their hands to support and to extend their fraternal solidarity to the 'tandav' - a naked male dance of royal Bhutanese democratization. The bayonet of human trafficking as such, pushed into by the Nepalese ruling elites and their 'Hanumans' (local administrators and mercenaries) deliberately targeted upon their Bhutanese Gorkha brothers (including other nationals) at this hazardous juncture will remain in the history as a stigma in mankind. In addition to this, there has been a conspiratorial understanding to ceil the borders at the bordering district level of Nepal-Bhutan-India.

Oh, reactionaries the world over, how so ever you all fabricate human trafficking intensifying suppression and conspiracy, how so ever you support and extend your solidarity to the legalized despotism of Bhutan that has fooled the masses just by applying the formulae of lawless despotism and claiming democracy, the Bhutanese masses will certainly open door of radical change through their just war against the age long reactionary unjust war. The justice loving masses all over the world necessarily should oppose the ongoing jest upon the fate and future of Bhutanese masses both pretext of royal democratization and the third country resettlement of Bhutanese refugees. To conclude, as the role of internal aspect is the principal factor in every developmental and evolution process, the Bhutanese masses should revolt despotic inroads of fascist king - the royal democratization and resettlement. Come, lets unite and rally behind the phrase - down with royal democratization!
An editorial note published in 'Nawlo Awaz' mouthpiece (Ist April 2008) translated from its original Nepali version.

By Com. Vikram 
Acting GS