Friday, November 8, 2013

Statement on the twelfth anniversary of the party

Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) has spent its twelve years. Seventh November this year is the twelfth anniversary of the party. We feel pride to extend our revolutionary greetings on this glorious occasion and on the occasion of ninety-sixth October revolution day at a time. Unfortunately the party-revolution is in a serious set back owing to a number of objective and subjective circumstances. The socio-cultural, geo- political, some practical physical and geographical complications along with the February defeat and the shameful intervention of imperialist-host country nexus in the refugee issue are the major objective reasons behind the setback. In the same way the problem of leadership and specifically lack of a practically unanimous revolutionary nucleus in the central leading body and the problem of correct action line are the main subjective reasons behind this setback.

Party is undergoing three years of rectification and strengthening campaign initiating it from the twentieth cc meeting. The campaign has come across the half of its course. Despite of several attempts of the party headquarters rectification and strengthening of the party and especially the leadership is not in progress. The planning of the campaign was unanimously passed. But the responsible leaders and cadres are being more and more indifferent towards its implementation. Pro-imperialist tendency has solely spoiled some of the activists resulting in their capitulation in front of ‘third country resettlement’.  Family oriented tendency has transformed some of the activists into bourgeoisie merchants culturally. Rightist deviation has converted them in to populist demagogues. Legal movement for the sake of legal movement –this has been the motto of our populist demagogues. The legal movement as they refer is nothing but simply talking about refugee repatriation and doing nothing. They have nothing to do with the inter-relationship between legal and illegal movement and between refugee issue and state power. Eventually, they have nothing to do with the rectification and strengthening planning and even with the existence of our party-revolution. The serious disregard of party policy, decisions and the planning has resulted in the expulsion of some rightists from the party. Unfortunately this has resulted in the collapse of central committee owing to its size as mentioned in the existing party statute. This intentional disregard of unanimous decisions has proved opportunistic tendency of our populist demagogues. The collapse of central committee has thus created a danger of the collapse of the party on one hand and negation of the old and formation of the new revolutionary party on the other hand. The objective condition is not favorable for the existence of the party- organization. Therefore, a complete resurgence of the party- organization has been the need of time. On this auspicious occasion, we call for the attention our existing and ex-members to contribute in the resurgence, rectification and strengthening of our party organization. The party headquarters feels something strange situation with an opportunity to transform quantity in to quality. May the mass mandate and the need of time enable us to form a revolutionary party of a new style likely- to lead a revolutionary war.

Act. General Secretary