Friday, September 14, 2012

Stop Resettlement, Turn down Local integration

     -By: Vikram

It is obvious that the Bhutanese refugees in Nepal sought for repatriation to their home stead for years. Several attempts were made longing for unconditional repatriation. It was during 1996-97 that an appeal movement marching towards Bhutan via India's soil was ruthlessly suppressed by the Indian military jackboot there by  mercilessly killing a layman demonstrator viz; Baburam Syangden and injuring hundreds of Bhutanese refugee commoners and representatives. The refugees furthermore, incessantly fought demanding repatriation with dignity and honor. In 2007 long march aimed at entering Bhutan via India's soil was interrupted by Indian 'security force' in Mechi Bridge at Indo-Nepal boarder in the east. The West Bengal administration killed a revolutionary student viz; Shahabahadur Siwa and charged batons, fired bullets and pushed bayonet into the feeble refugees at random. Similarly, two innocent students viz; Narapati Dhungyel and Purnabahadur Tamang were shot dead and hundreds of patriots were injured, arrested and tortured by the Nepalese army-police nexus in Beldangi camp. This series of events eventually led to suppression of the repatriation movement as the fear of persecution and torture terrorized the refugee commoners bitterly. The Beldangi incident was a shameful interruption of Jhapa administration and the then government of Nepal against the general sentiment of the refugees of the very period of time. Obviously being aimed at stopping the refugees joining the long march in Mechi Bridge, the Jhapa administration manifested the fascist and inhuman essence of the Nepalese democratic republic.