Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Statement on the 11th Anniversary of the Party

Respected masses,

Our Party has come across several ups and downs of about twelve years. 7th November, the  95th  October revolution day, this year is the11th anniversary of the establishment of our party. On this auspicious occasion, we extend our revolutionary salute and proletarian greetings to our patriot masses.

Besides, it has become more and more the matter to be worried that the fate of Bhutan is being entrapped by the foreign intervention. As Bhutan is a semi-feudal and semi-colonial country, the question of revolution in Bhutan is certainly the question of national independence. Furthermore, Indian intervention is being intensified. Indian expansionism has already infiltrated its agents among the Bhutanese commoners and political groups. The expansionist catalysts are being deployed both in overt and covert forms. Some Bhutanese individuals and groups are following the destructive Lendup Dorji path rendering their service to the Sikkimization plot put forward by Indian expansionism. For them it seems that democracy comes along with loss of sovereignty and territorial integrity. Whereas, for us, democracy comes along with the national independence. Some Indian 'activists' have started hatching conspiracy in the name of advocating  in favor of repatriation of Bhutanese refugees and rescue of Hinduism in Southern Bhutan. They indeed are Indian spies pretending to pressurize the government of India in favor of Bhutan and Bhutanese people. With their honey tongue, the heart of gall, these Indian agents in the form of human right activists are determined to hypnotize the southern Bhutanese politically so as to encroach at least six southern districts of Bhutan. As they have ridiculously passed the resolution that problems of Bhutan is the repressive policy of Bhutan upon Hinduism, they have shut their eyes to the class question, the  principal problem along with other nationality questions like that of Ningmapas (Tshanglas).  Reading their assessments, what becomes as clear as crystal is nothing but Indian expansionism is playing another decisive trick to fragment the Bhutanese masses and to disintegrate Bhutan. Previously the monarchy of Bhutan was made an Indian tool to evict the southern Bhutanese. Now, along with the passage of time India is attempting to hit the monarchy with the southern Bhutanese tool. Thus, the time has come for both the masses and the rulers of Bhutan to realize that Bhutan is not yet an independent country. The latest plot of Indian is not only designed to cheat the Bhutanese masses but also to put an end to the remaining authority of the Wangchuck family in Bhutan. Symptoms are being seen that the Wangchuck regime being gestured by the Indian expansionism for years is sooner or later going to be overthrown by the Indian effort. If it befalls to be so, there will not occur any positive change in favor of Bhutan and Bhutanese people. Rather, Bhutan should suffer loss of sovereignty and territorial integrity. Irony is that neither the national capitulationist monarchy of Bhutan is realizing this fact nor the political groups are being conscious and militant. At this critical juncture, we need to be consciously united and militant to rescue the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bhutan. We call for the preparation of resistance movement against the probable Indian intervention in sovereignty and territorial integrity. We too suggest the true patriots to check the Indian infiltration in our movements.

                                                                                                     Acting GS
                                                                                                   CPB (MLM)