Saturday, June 30, 2012

Resettlement : Durable solution or protracted crisis?

It is four years of resettlement program brought and imposed by the nexus of world reactionaries and imperialism in the name of resolving refugee imbroglio on humanitarian ground, which is being pernicious snare on the necks of refugees. Actually, in this article I want to workout a question, what is resettlement program? This is a general question arose among the Bhutanese refugee masses.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The New Communist Wave: An Urgent Necessity

The communist revolution is the only prime rose path to emancipate the mankind transforming it to the classless and stateless society i.e. communism. Communism is the only alternative to the existing exploitation based class society. Today's revolution is and should be guided by the most scientific world outlook Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Karl Marx and F. Engels published the communist manifesto in 1848 AD. This encouraged and stimulated the working peoples' struggle the world across. Furthermore, Marx formulated the dialectical and historical materialism as the most scientific principle of social revolution. Having got the directive of Marxism the then working class of Paris, France overthrew the bourgeoisie state power and established the first ever proletariat state power i.e. Paris Commune in 1871 AD. The commune became an example of revolutionary society. It did all possible to put an end to all forms of exploitation from the society. Unlike almost all other changes and reforms, the commune emancipated the working masses from the bourgeoisie chains of exploitation and suppression in reality. Despite of being ephemeral with its very short life span of seventy-two days, the commune had on one hand refuted all forms of fake changes and reforms and had started the far reaching 'communist wave' on the other hand. This is what we communists quote as the first wave of internationalist communist movement.

Statement on some Urgent affairs

The 20th plenary meeting of central committee is held from 11th to 12th April 2012. Two separate documents- organizational report and party strengthening and rectification resolution produced by General Secretary is unanimously passed by the meeting. The meeting has decided as under with the objective of making the party strong, disciplined, militant and the real proletarian fore runner. 

(I) Party Organization strengthening and rectification campaign is decided to be launched initiating it from meeting. 

Reporting from CPB (MLM), Presented in the 5th Conference of CCOMPOSA


On the occasion of this South Asian Conference of CCOMPOSA, we would like to report in the nutshell, the sentiment of essence of inner struggle and class struggle carried out by our party. In doing so our attempt is to refute both exaggeration and devaluation that has been prevailing from the very beginning.

The debate between different representative tendencies in our party started just after its foundation in 7th Nov. 2001. Flashback from here, our founding central office led by Com. Vikalpa has been incessantly exaggerating the subjective and objective situation. Party was declared on 22nd April 2003 with so many exaggerated propagandas creating there by an imbalance in propaganda and strength accumulation. Com. Vikalpa unnecessarily exaggerated the synthesis of fusion of protracted Peoples' War and armed struggle put forward by our fraternal party of Nepal, quoting it to be the "age long synthesis of our party" in an appeal published while declaring party. By the way, it is not only that the credit of the synthesis goes not to our party but to the fraternal party of Nepal but the synthesis indeed has been an issue of study and investigation in relativity to Bhutan. In totality, founding leadership in practice gave up the essence of party organization and grasped only the form of it. Revolutionary comrades of founding body criticized the then deviations but leading tendency that fought against Vikalpa's headquarters was fallen prey to some shortcomings and to some extent to anarchism in inner struggle. Besides, party faced an impediment in ideological synthesis. These all in turn resulted in a historical retardation. Com. Vikranta is missing since 2004, who always opposed Vikalpa's tendency in the party. The first National Conference held in 2006 resolved organizational impediments and thus party works were accelerated.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Workers of All Countries, Unite!

"The State Power emerges from the barrel of the gun" - Com. Mao Tsetung.

Respected exploited masses,

The age old Wangchuck family monarchy has continued its fascist feudalistic regime despite of incessant voice raised by the people for the democratic change. The Tashichochodzong palace has accumulated the assets exploiting the oppressed masses only for its family's luxury and not for the progress, development and prosperity of Bhutanese people. The oppressed masses in class, national, regional, religious and cultural multiplicity have contributed a lot in building up of the nation and its infrastructures.  The masses have built up the basis and superstructure but the family autocratic regime has concentrated all most all the assets and the capital with in the palace and thus, the masses are being poor and backward socio-economically, culturally and politically. The series of events have proved that Wangchuck family is the only cause of retardation in development and progress.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Down With Royal 'Democratization'!

It is obvious that the despotic unitary centralized monarchy of Bhutan having continued the national capitulationist and repressive regime since a hundred years back during the latest course of time has plotted a false and an illusive drama of so called 'democratization'. This is done only with the ill motive to continue its ruined family autocratic rule. Similarly, if we look at the history of Bhutan generally ever since the rise if the Drukpa Kagyukpa Mahayana Buddhist Chauvinism represented by the monarchy and mainly from the late 1940s to this date, we can find so many facts of inhuman suppression of peoples' upheavals that have been raised time and again by means of vicious circle of ruthless killings, loot, rape, arsoning, torture, mass eviction and all forms of state terrorism, thereby captivating the country and the masses in the 16th century (Medieval) darkness. In this context, the so called ongoing 'exercise of democratization' which is deliberately and illmotively discarding and vacillating the leader party of the democratic movement of 1990, different party-organizations in exile, the change and justice seeking exiled masses and even the party like 'BPUP' a newly formed party representing the national bourgeoisie, cannot be considered as justifiable in any sense. The peoples' traitor monarchy that evicted the masses in 1990s via discriminatory amendment of citizenship act in 1985 and an anti people census in 1988, now again has replicated its depopulation policy initiating the another phase of eviction process as above 80 thousands citizens are made deprived of their right to adult franchise via another anti people census in 2007. The monarchy in fact is only giving window dressing of 'democracy' to the masses and to the external world so as to prolong its life span.