Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Message from Bhutanese Communist Movement

We hereby, would like to express in nutshell the sentiment of Bhutanese revolution so as to refute both exaggeration and devaluation and seek for the justifiable understanding of reality. As obviously known that Bhutanese revolution has not come a long way, comparatively we are fallen behind in the international and regional perspective. Besides, Bhutanese revolution is facing a historical set back these days. To know the cause of this historical phenomenon one should deeply study the subjective and objective circumstances that are responsible for the cause. The consequence of deeply rooted opportunism having usurped the then headquarter of our party resulting in split in one hand and the imperialist interference in the name of so called third country resettlement of Bhutanese refugees being approved by the ruling elites of Nepal in other hand came to be regressive unexpectedly. The split came to be inevitable because the headquarters of Vikalpa was fallen prey to Hoxaite-dogmato revisionism which could not be transformed rather became hostile despite of our healthy approaches of inner struggle. Opportunism came on surface when Vikalpa produced ‘the plan of People’s War’ which was wholly copied from that of Nepalese people’s war with out a slight change. The main tactics expressed in the plan is mechanically imitated thereby neglecting the peculiarities of the stage of People’s War initiation in Bhutan. The peculiar fact that the Bhutanese masses are at a time in and outside the country and refugees are comparatively more militant and organized then those who are inside the country was not taken into account by Vikalpa. The plan of mobilization of volunteer detachments was also mechanically imitated from that of Nepal.