Saturday, June 30, 2012

Resettlement : Durable solution or protracted crisis?

It is four years of resettlement program brought and imposed by the nexus of world reactionaries and imperialism in the name of resolving refugee imbroglio on humanitarian ground, which is being pernicious snare on the necks of refugees. Actually, in this article I want to workout a question, what is resettlement program? This is a general question arose among the Bhutanese refugee masses.

Actually, Bhutanese crisis is a political issue which should be resolved politically. But it is diverted other way round. A number of bilateral talks between Bhutan and Nepal were held in the background. Those talks were wrong principally and practically because there were no any involvement of Bhutanese people, (refugee representatives) which was essential. The problem is of autocratic government of Bhutan and exploited and justice loving Bhutanese masses. That is why third party was not allowed to enter in the arena except intermediation for negotiation. But how dare Nepal entered and took sole responsibility of Bhutanese problem? This is a mysterious event took place in the history of Bhutanese Diaspora. Taking this as a background, world imperialism took advantage over ongoing issue of exploited Bhutanese masses. The imperialist intervention, what they called third country resettlement, particularly is to exploit the Bhutanese masses depriving them from their all sorts of rights, including the right to return.

When our party CPB (MLM) was declared in 2003 hoisting the flag of proletariat class in the country, there was great convulsion not only within the fascist Wangchuck monarchy but among regional expansionism and world imperialism, particularly, Indian expansionism and American imperialism. Then after, our party accelerated its activities among exploited, justice loving and pro-democratic masses within the country and outside. Semi-feudal and semi-colonial autocratic system of Bhutan plotted out a vile conspiracy to swindle the world in the broad daylight introducing a dramatic move to enthrone the next king before the completion of the tenure of Jigme Singay Wangchuk. Though, main actor was altered but essence of state mechanism did not change. This annoyed the masses as to raise the voice against of anarchism and despotism. Again, to extend the life span of royal family regime promptly he declared so called democracy in the country. But this democratization excluded a part of exploited and justice loving masses, who have been victims of exodus and passing the important days of their lives as refugees in different places of India and Eastern Nepal. Not only this, the declaration of so called democratization created great differences and more vividly divided the masses into pro-democracy and pro-monarchy. This polarization of people slowly came on surface in different forms of protest against the viper Wangchhuck regime. Outside the country the influence was expanded to refugee masses which created situation for vigorous protest against fascist Wangchuck Monarchy.

This in fact was understood by the reactionary government as well as by world reactionaries. The fact what they understood was that the refugee masses were comparatively more conscious politically and could helm masses in democratic movement. Domestic reactionary and foreign reactionaries, especially Indian expansionism, world imperialism and the ruling elites of Nepal made a nexus to suppress and demoralize the repatriation movement and sentiment of Bhutanese refugees thereby discouraging any forms of Bhutanese movement for change in state power in Bhutan. Taking it into account, they imposed third country resettlement as durable solution, closing two options viz; repatriation and host country integration.

The masses eager to return their own homestead protested against the so called durable solution imposed by reactionaries through UNHCR and comprador IOM. They did not accept it. But this general sentiment of Bhutanese refugees is being mercilessly crushed by repressive jack boot of Jhapa administration or government of Nepal and by imperialist psychological war. Two refugee students were shot dead by Nepalese mercenaries in the direction of world imperialism in 2007 during the resistance against the third country resettlement. In the same year Indian mercenaries shot dead one of the revolutionary youth in Indo-Nepal border, Mechi Bridge during 'Long March'. This is how reactionaries suppressed uttermost eagerness of Bhutanese masses to return their homeland and implemented resettlement forcibly.

Ultimately, Indian expansionism, world imperialism and Nepalese reactionary government supported the agenda of autocratic monarchy of Bhutan in essence for a bread piece interest. These reactionaries are arguing that resettlement program is brought on the humanitarian ground. Is it true? Is it a humanitarian way out or a human trafficking to make thousands of people stateless, to enslave them forcibly? Is it likely to quote it as 'volunteer' when the mass demonstration demanding repatriation is suppressed inhumanly and the so called resettlement is being imposed via psychological war and wild police terrorism plotted by Nepalese 'Hanumans'? Undoubtedly, this is an exploitation, suppression and atrocity to revolutionary masses.

At this critical juncture, world should know that the Bhutanese imbroglio can not be resolved until the political change occurs in Bhutan through peoples' effort. This is a key question; the reactionaries frightened, trembled and are trying to prolong the life span of state power in Bhutan more by dismantling the Bhutanese refugee camps. Besides, the refugee masses have been a cheep source of labour for the imperialist labour market.  Obviously, this offer came in the interest of reactionaries to paralyze any forms of democratic movement and especially, communist movement in Bhutan.

In addition to this the so called local integration in the host country Nepal is another decisive attack upon the repatriation movement, communist movement of Bhutan and so on.    

By Sagar